How to draw beautiful block letters

In this tutorial, I am going to show you 4 ways to draw basic block letters. If you are interested to go a step further, you can learn some basic typographyic facts and proceed with my advanced-level approach to develop variations of your basic letter shapes. Drawing simple block letters Usually, you develop only those … Read more

Ombre lettering – 5 amazing techniques to blend colors

All blending results together

Colored lettering pieces are always fascinating! Especially those with nice gradients. It often looks more difficult than it really is, promised. I’m happy to lead you through 5 different techniques. My pics and tips will help you doing blends like a pro in no time and with every blending you will get better. Are you … Read more

Rope lettering step by step

Rope Lettering

A special form of ribbon lettering is the so-called rope lettering. I developed this form of lettering for a maritime hand lettering and was amazed how well it worked out. So I created this step by step guide which allows you to create fancy rope letterings by yourself! Using ropes as a blueprint At the … Read more

Galaxy lettering tutorial

Galaxy lettering

Galaxy letterings are fascinating and real eye catchers. These letterings are great to stand alonefor one-word messages but are also perfect for focusing on particular words in longerquotes. I will show you the galaxy lettering technique with a brush pen. But if you prefer to write blockletters or fake calligraphy, no worries. The blending technique … Read more

How to create charming hand lettering projects on glass

In this tutorial, I am going to present to you a variety of projects where I decorate glass objects and things like mirrors and a window with hand lettering. Moving beyond paper and materializing your hand lettering skills on objects bigger than sizes of DIN A4 or A3 is challenging and at the same time … Read more