Rope lettering step by step

Rope Lettering

A special form of ribbon lettering is the so-called rope lettering. I developed this form of lettering for a maritime hand lettering and was amazed how well it worked out. So I created this step by step guide which allows you to create fancy rope letterings by yourself! Using ropes as a blueprint At the … Read more

How to create watercolor backgrounds (3 simple methods)

Watercolor backgrounds

Watercolors are perfect as background for your hand and brush letterings. What sounds simple, however, requires one or two tricks. In this tutorial I show you how to create great watercolor backgrounds. With brush pens, brushes or watercolor crayons. For watercolor techniques you should also use appropriate (watercolor) paper. Only the first method also works … Read more

Inner 3D hand lettering

Inner 3D Lettering

In this tutorial I will show you how you can create an awesome unique 3d effect. It will look as if the letters went deep into the paper. What you need Kraft paper* (optional, but it increases the effect) Fineliner black* Gel pen white* Brush pens with different shades of grey* Create your hand lettering … Read more