Brush lettering workbook – Practice lettering effectively

The perfect worksheets to learn brush lettering!

With the help of this workbook you are able to concentrate on the single lines and letters. The best way to learn the handling of a brush pen.

The integrated marks help to understand the different kinds of lines and strokes, that build each letter.

While lettering you will realize that letters and writings are based on repeated patterns. By focusing on each line you will get better and better and improve your brush lettering skills.

Take a look at the workbook

Get a little sneak peek at the brush lettering workbook to see what you can expect.

Why do you need worksheets?

Perhaps you ask yourself, why you should use a workbook. The answer is easy: a workbook helps you to learn and to become better in hand lettering.

With this book you don’t have to look for special exercises somewhere else. You’ll find a lot of templates, which help you to improve your skills with each letter and line.

The workbook in detail

You will receive the following contents when buying the workbook:

  • A 26 pages PDF to print at home – as often as you like
  • Basic exercises to learn the typical brush lettering strokes
  • All lower case letters (line by line)
  • All upper case letters (line by line)
  • Numbers (0-9)
  • Ampersands
  • Words to practice your new skills
  • Tricky letter connections
  • Bonus #1: An additional sans serif alphabet
  • Bonus #2: Different ruling sheets to practice without templates
  • Bonus #3: A dot grid (the most subtle guides you can use)

Material recommendation

  • Brush pen: The workbook is designed to be used with a medium scale brush pen.
  • Paper: The brush lettering workbook has to be printed on smooth lettering paper.

Order & download

The brush lettering workbook costs as little as 14,90$ and will help you to learn brush lettering instantly.

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