Great lettering supplies – Basic material you should know

The choice of supplies for hand letterig is enormous. I want to show you the right supplies to create great letterings. This includes the right paper, pens and some additional accessories.

The overview will help you to choose the right products immediately and to avoid making bad purchases. I spent so much money on pens and paper over the last years – and you can profit by that!

The right paper

The right paper for clean letterings – without fraying your brush tips. Smooth hand lettering paper is extremely important to ensure that you can enjoy your handlettering pens for a long time.

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Brilliant pencils

Below you will find great pens for your first hand letterings. If you would like to see the individual pens in detail, take a look at my huge lettering pen comparison.

Small scale brush pens

Brushpens with a small brush tip. Ideal for beginners! Especially suitable for fine, small letterings and longer texts.

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Medium scale brush pens

The ideal compromise between flexibility and controllability. For medium-sized letterings.

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Large scale brush pens

Large brushpens with partly very soft brush tips. Beautiful but not to be recommended for beginners (apart from the Crayola Markers). For large and wide letterings.

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Fineliner for decorative elements, details and corrections. A must-have tool for every handlettering artist.

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Paper pads

Great paper pads for collecting your work on the road or at home. The ideal alternative to loose paper.

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Other supplies

Simple clipboards help you securely fasten your printer paper. They also look great when you take pictures of your letterings.

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Books are a good complement to online courses, videos and exercise sheets. They are suitable for deepening your knowledge and learning more about typography.

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