Lettering D | 9 ways to draw a “D”

A hand lettering “D” is quickly written (or painted): in its basic form it consists only of a downstroke and a semicircle. Depending on the size of the letter, however, it is not so easy to draw an even, clean semicircle. Especially if different stroke widths are used (brush lettering).

  • The large hand lettering “D” can be designed and flourished in many ways. Especially the first downstroke can be fancy extended with the appropriate line work and some loops.
  • In script, the “D” can also be drawn in a complete line, without lifting the pen at all. To do this, the line is led back up after the downstroke with the help of a loop, thus drawing the semicircle. This variant requires practice and confidence with the pen.
  • The small hand lettering “D” can be used perfectly to place flourishes. To do this, the upper loop is extended as desired.

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